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A huge thank you to

Antonio Carusone for featuring my online portfolio on TheGridSystem.org last week.

Since October I have been trying to think of a way to create a conceptual approach to a simple desktop design. Here is a little feedback I received when I asked my Flickr contacts:

Here are just some of the many responses:

Ben Kimball: not a graphic designer, but as photographer/cartographer:

Self-Deprecating Humor
Failures I Learned From
Failures I Learned Nothing From
Intentionally Streaking Things
The Delightfully Odd

Mark Blyth: Neat idea!

Stuff that really needs doing
Stuff that I can procrastinate about
Stuff that’ll never need doing

Christine: Mine would be:

Black and white
To Repair
No work needed.

So as you can see it was very varied.

With the combination of TheGridSystem’s inspiring website and the urgent need of being more organised when it comes to my desktop; I decided what better way than to incorporate my websites Six Grid System into something I could use to get my files more organised and something I could share with other creatives.

Here is the end result using titles which are changeable for each individual user:

So now instead of having one file on my desktop saying the proverbial ‘Sort!’ I will now be able to place my files on my desktop in accordance to type and subject.

To download your own editable version:

[1200x1000 Inverted]

Please mail me for other screen resolutions.

  1. Steve says: December 16, 20084:54 pm

    Lol, very nice. Thank you!

  2. Morning Toast says: December 16, 20089:57 pm

    Dammit. I work hard at organizing and never thought about using the desktop *as* the organizer. Duh. Thanks!

  3. Jesse says: December 17, 200811:08 am

    Very nice, really like the idea so I downloaded it immediatly and started working on it..

    I added some extra stuff to it (time, uptime of the computer and my external IP) via GeekTool (Mac Os X)

    check it out: http://www.quicksnapper.com/files/1711/20744465954948DD49C2936.png

  4. Bruno Fernandes says: December 17, 200812:41 pm

    Great post!
    I’ve totally revamped your desktop file so that the folders — I have them as “Snap to grid” — align perfectly to the grid.

  5. SARAH FRANCE says: December 17, 20088:09 pm

    Thank you everyone!

    Really pleased people are finding it useful!

    I’ll get round to creating differet screen res this weekend.

    Many thanks,

  6. johnsokorai says: December 18, 20089:00 pm

    I did the same as Bruno mentioned above. GREAT IDEA! This is totally furthering my passion of anal-retentiveness. Thanks.

  7. SARAH FRANCE says: December 19, 20081:02 pm

    Great stuff, but you can change your desktop icon sizes and snap to grid to adapt the icon format.

    Thank you for downloading,

  8. Emiloly says: December 27, 20085:58 am

    heh … my parner is always telling me to clean up my desk top! great idea.

  9. Manish says: December 27, 20084:48 pm

    thanks for it…really great

  10. Albert says: January 13, 20097:52 am

    Really great idea! It has really cleaned up my desktop as well!

  11. Xavier says: February 12, 20098:50 am

    this is a really cool idea!

  12. Marie-Claire Hill says: March 20, 200911:57 pm

    Such a good idea, it’s on my desktop right now.

  13. Seán says: November 30, 20092:11 pm

    Haha! Just found this on thegridsystem.org today. I came up with the exact same idea a few weeks back. Looks like you beat me to it! Looks great! The link to mine is below.

  14. cool idea says: December 20, 20116:59 pm

    great… very helpfull

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